Episode 87 – Left 4 Island Zombie High School Attack

We’re back to our regular routine this week except we’re a Dave short. To celebrate (being back, not Dave being gone) we have a zombie-filled episode for you. We open things up with a discussion of Dead Island, then check out some anime zombies with High School of the Dead before capping things off with another look inside the Zombie Survival Guide. Man, it’s good to be back.

Use the links provided to download this episode directly to your PC or stream it using the player below. Reference information provided after the break.

  1. Dead Island
  2. High School of the Dead
  3. Zombie Survival Guide – What firearm(s) would you use?
  4. Shout-outs – Johnathan Bell, Steve Sanders, Trevor Martin, @rnabrand

This Week’s Challenge
Opey – Come up with your top 5 geek places to put on your bucket list.